Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz (PMKM)

Balochistan Police has deployed citizen facilitation mobiles known as Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz (PMKM) in Quetta. As technology partners of Balochistan police, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has automated the processes and developed an integrated and centralised IT system for these centers to improve the overall efficiency. Establishment of these Mobile Khidmat Marakiz with a centralised IT system has resulted in: Citizens can visit Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz, deployed in Quetta, facility will soon be extended to all districts of the Balochistan

  • Guaranteed turn-around time for citizens
  • Hassle free process
  • Respectable treatment with the citizens
  • Online Tracking of application
  • Citizen Feedback & Monitoring System
  • Delivery of issued documents through courier
  • Increase in revenue by ensuring transparency

Message from IG Balochistan, (MUHAMMAD TAHIR RAI)

Balochistan Police is focused on providing sustainable relief to people and believe in the cardinal principle of maximization of Public satisfaction. We believe that services should revolve around people and be easily available at their doorsteps. Establishment of Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz is the practical manifestation of the Public Service Delivery mission of Balochistan Police.

Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz (facilitation center on the move) is the requisite response to the challenges posed by the complicated and orthodox service delivery scenario. Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz is an automated & integrated public facilitation mechanism which is a cloud-based software solution operative in corporate environment. The basic concept is to arrange basic Police facilities/services for citizens at one place. An applicant approaching Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz is immediately facilitated and offered required Police services in a respectable and quick manner. All the activities at Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz are time bound and the pendency can be properly tracked through e-receipt number. The Police Mobile Khidmat Markazs are integrated with all the Police Stations and work as an active interface and satellite work stations. There are monitoring dashboards at different levels to ensure productive accountability, transparency and relief to the people.

The Honorable Chief Minister has inaugurated two Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz Units in Quetta city and soon Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz Units will be operational at Divisional Headquarters as well. Balochistan Police is determined to digitalize and unify the Public utility services to facilitate the people at optimum level.

I am confident that Police Mobile Khidmat Markaz Project will further sophisticate and modernize the Public Service Delivery parameters & contours and come up to the expectations of the People.

In the end, I pray for the peace and tranquility of the Province, glory of Police force and personal well being of all the members of the Constabulary.

May Allah Almighty help us in this noble cause, Aameen.

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